Become a Keystone Auxiliary Member

"Ordinary Women
Making An
Extraordinary Difference”

As seen by the brief history of how and why the Keystone Auxiliary started, you can see how committed the women were to making many more opportunities available for the Boys Club members.

From their cupcake sales to fundraising "Teas”, the Keystone members work tirelessly to promote the work of the Bristol Boys & Girls Club and Family Center.

Is there any nobler act than to help children experience their own greatness? At the Boys & Girls Club and Family Center, we believe that each and every child is born with gifts. We devote our lives to helping children to be proud, and helping them experience success and develop the skills to BE GREAT.

Become a Keystone Auxiliary member; experience the joy of seeing how you can change lives.

For more information on how to become involved with this organization, contact Maureen Armstrong at the Bristol Boys & Girls Club at 860-540-3101