Wrestling Programs
One of the biggest programs held here at the club is our youth Wrestling program.  Wrestling, like our basketball programs, is for any skill level.  Youth who have never wrestled before begin with our in-house wrestling camp held at the club during the month of November.  This program serves as an introduction to folkstyle (scholastic) wrestling.  Practices will focus on the fundamental skills needed to participate in wrestling.  They will be taught in a fun format, that will include physical games and skill building exercises, as well as drilling and live wrestling.  If you are interested in having your child participate in wrestling and be a member of the Gladiators, this program is a great place to start.  Wrestlers who want to be considered for the Gladiator Wrestling Travel Team should attend this program.  The Gladiator Wrestling Travel Team has been here at the club for over 20 years.  This program competes in and out of the state in many tournaments throughout the season. The program was started in 1988 by a group of local high school coaches who saw a need for a developmental program for the local schools. In 1999 the program changed their name to the Gladiators and grew by numbers and became a Connecticut top 5 youth team year after year. Many of the most successful local wrestlers from Bristol and its surrounding towns were members of this program. As a Gladiator we are known for our sportsmanship and character, physical, mental and technical preparation, ability to maintain focus, conditioning and appearance, continued tradition of having one of the best programs in the state and HAVING FUN WRESTLING.

We have three teams that compete on a state and regional level. During the winter season we run two teams, Sr. Gladiators (5th-8th grade) and Jr. Gladiators (PreK-4th grade). From March to June we run the Gladiator Freestyle Club (Olympic style wrestling) for more experienced youth and high school wrestlers.

Coaches for the Gladiator Wrestling Programs have always consisted of volunteers who have a love for the sport of wrestling and an affinity for working with youth. The main goals of the coaches have always been, creating a winning program, developing in the members of the team above for the sport of wrestling and, more importantly, developing in the wrestlers a sense of character and integrity that they can carry through life with them beyond their competitive athletic years.