The Bristol Boys Girls Club offers many exciting basketball programs here for ages 6-18.  Our in-house basketball programs are coed and start at age 6 and end at age 13.  These programs are for any skill level, whether you are just a beginner or are more experienced, these basketball programs are a great way to improve skills.  All these programs begin with the basics and have one common goal; have fun and learn.  There are no coaches in this league besides the instructor and a possible assistant, and this puts less pressure on the youth.  The leagues are broken up into the Biddy Basketball Leagues for boys/girls ages 6-9 and the Cadet League for boys/girls ages 10-13.  The club also has boys and girls travel basketball leagues which travel throughout the state and compete against other towns and other clubs.  The club now offers boys travel teams grades 6-8 and girls travel teams grades 5-8.  These teams are more advanced and are coached by local volunteers.  Tryouts for these teams are normally held weeks before the season at our Laurel Street Facility

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