Gladiator Wrestling
What is Gladiator Wrestling? Gladiator Wrestling includes our Junior and Senior Gladiator Travel Teams and also our "In-houseā€ Wrestlers who are all beginners.  Beginner Wrestlers need to go through our in-house program in order to be selected for our Travel Teams.
  When does the program begin?  In-house runs October-November and the Travel teams run from November-March.
 Who can participate?  Boys & Girls Grades K-8


When does the program begin?


When is registration?

Registration begins September 1st for in-house and Registration nights are held in November for Junior and Senior Gladiator parents.

How often does the program meet?

In-house and Travel Team program meets during the week for practices between 5pm-8pm.  In-house holds weekend tournaments on Saturdays and Travel Team has tournaments usually held on Sundays. 

Where will this program meet?

Wrestling Room Laurel St.

What is the duration of the program?

October 2013-March 2014

How much does the program cost?

In-house cost is $50 for program.  Travel cost varies and parents will be informed on registration nights.

Who can be contacted for more information?

Steve Beecher (860) 540-3105