100th Anniversary (1907-2007)

In 2007, the Bristol Boys & Girls Club and Family Center marked 100 years of service to Bristol and our surrounding communities. In addition to this major anniversary, the Family Center, formerly known as the Girls Club, turned 80, and the Older Members Association of the Boys Club celebrated its 85th year of service.

Celebrating 100 years of children, hope and community is a magnificent milestone. It is also a time for reflecting on simpler times; times when children could leave home after breakfast, spend the day at Laurel Street or Upson Street, and go home for dinner with no questions asked by their parents. Unfortunately, these days are virtually gone. During the last century times have changed and the roles that our organizations have played have changed; and must change yet again. What has not changed is our commitment to our core values of providing a safe,supportive and positive place for children.

In 2008, the diversity within our community is greater than it has ever been. The number of people living in poverty has increased dramatically, English is a second language in many homes and many children are raised by single parents or extended families. At the same time, there are other segments of our community where children and families have easier access to opportunities that open doors to the world we live in. The programs that the Bristol Boys & Girls Club and Family Center offer have never been needed more. It is our responsibility to nurture those with fewer opportunities and to guide those with greater opportunities.

During the last 100 years we have successfully enhanced the quality of life for thousands of people. We have brought knowledge, recreation, character development and pleasure to people who, in some cases, could not have found this anywhere else.