History of the Bristol Boys & Girls Club

In 1907 Jennie Peck and her friends saw a need to begin a club for boys.This church society agreed to start a boys club headed by its first president, Mrs. C. F. Barnes. All volunteers ran the original club on North Main Street.In 1912 the club hired its first full time superintendent, Pop Dillon and had a membership of 50 boys. In 1914 the club joined the Boys Club Federation.1918 saw the club moving its programming to the Old Town hall where it stayed until the current location at 105 Laurel Street was completed on February 12, 1929.

Since that date there have been several renovations to the existing facility on Laurel Street, along with major expansion of services to the community.In 1990 the name was changed from Boys Club to Boys & Girls Club to reflect the change in the population we were serving.At that time we also saw an expansion of our child Care Division.We currently operate 10 licensed child care centers.

In 1995 the Board of Directors approved the opening of an Outreach Unit in the Cambridge Park public housing complex.