Women's Keystone Auxiliary


Boys & Girls Club of Bristol Family Center, The Women's Keystone Auxiliary
"Ordinary Women Making An Extraordinary Difference”
The membership is open to any woman interested in promoting the purpose of the Auxiliary as defined in the Mission Statement.
To promote a deeper interest in the work with the youth of the Bristol Boys & Girl’s Club and Family Center and to assist the youth in social and financial activities.


  • Attend scheduled meetings
  • Attend Standing Committee meetings at the request of the respective chairperson
  • Support and advocate for the Bristol Boys & Girls Club and Family Center
  • Meet financial obligations by paying annual dues Membership
Types of Membership:
Active Member :
Shall be one who attends all scheduled meetings per club year, unless duly excused by the Vice President.

Contributing Member :
Shall be one who is interested in the activities of the Auxiliary, but cannot fulfill the obligations of an Active Member.

Honorary Member :
Shall be bestowed upon someone who has performed an act or acts of distinction or recognition for the Bristol Boys & Girls Club and Family Center or the Keystone Auxiliary.

Become a Keystone Auxiliary Member

Is there any nobler act than to help children experience their own greatness? At the Boys & Girls Club and Family Center, we believe that each and every child is born with gifts. We devote our lives to helping children to be proud, and helping them experience success and develop the skills to BE GREAT .

Become a Keystone Auxiliary member; experience the joy of seeing how you can change lives.

For more information on how to become involved with this organization, contact Maureen Armstrong at the Club at 860-540-3101.
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