Imagine Nation, A Museum Early Learning Center

Imagine Nation, A Museum Early Learning Center is a division of the Boys & Girls Club of Bristol Family Center. We are the first Museum Early Learning Center to be operated by a Boys & Girls Club in the country. We feature a NAEYC accredited school readiness program for children 6 weeks - 5 years old. Children & families from over 170 different towns visit the Museum Early Learning Center each year. We inspire creativity, curiosity, confidence & citizenship. Click here to learn more! 
Imagine Nation Museum, Bristol CT
Imagine Nation Museum, Bristol CT
Imagine Nation Museum, Bristol CT
Imagine Nation Museum, Bristol CT

Museum Early Learning Studios

Multicultural Experience
A journey across the world though music, dance, language, and costume ~ where children can learn about people and places in authentic and interactive experiences.

Science and Energy
The physical sciences are brought to life in a laboratory where energy, force, motion, and matter are explored through hands-on investigation of cause and effect.

The investigation of hydro-energy where properties of flow, transparency, refraction, displacement, and viscosity are experienced in a wet environment.

The life cycle and habitats of a variety of small animals can be observed to form understanding and respect for the delicate relationship between living things and their environments.

Farm to Table
The question of where our food comes from is answered through simulated experiences with a farm, market, and restaurant where children engage in the production and distribution of nutritious food.

Light, Reflection, and Technology

An exploration of  the attributes of pattern, distortion, and illumination through the investigation of kaleidoscopes, mirrors, prisms, lighting effects, and interactive technology.

Performance Art
Stage and studio production opportunities ~ from an ESPN sports telecast to acting out a fairy tale, complete with realistic props and costumes.

Art Studio
Opportunities to experience painting, drawing, collage, weaving, sculpting, and print-making using authentic tools and materials, as well as appreciate the techniques and creative work of artists.

Design and Engineering
An opportunity to engage in the design cycle on a large scale – from planning and drafting through construction using imaginative building materials in an expansive space.

Air and Space
Experience air travel across time through dramatic play and simulation.

Promoting healthy living habits by providing engaging experiences with physical activity, health care roles, and the human body.

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