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A Note of Gratitude

To Whom it May Concern,

My daughter and I had the pleasure of going on The Boys and Girls club trip to Washington DC. I was very happy to see the amount of pride my daughter took in the whole experience. I was also amazed by Ms. Bernadette's ability to handle my daughter on such a trip. Her knowledge of Washington was amazing. I don't think that anyone could have put together a better experience than she did. The different monuments and museums were amazing sights for Ashley and I. The arrangements at the hospital were outstanding. I also felt that the people at the hospital were truly appreciative of what the kids had done. I really enjoyed seeing my daughter interacting with the soldiers and officer who received the banner. Ashley was really taken by the whole experience and it will definitely be something she will always remember. Both of my children have been attending daycare for almost 10 years, at several different daycares. This is the only time I can recall a daycare going so far above and beyond what you would expect. My wife, my daughter, and I all truly appreciate the time and effort Ms. Bernadette put into this trip, and her day to day activity with the kids.


Joseph Caron