Who Can Participate?
Students in Bristol Public Schools grades K-8 (except West Bristol & NEMS)  and students at Lake Garda School.
When Can I Sign Up?
Anytime! Registration is on-going. Please call 860-540-3103 or 860-540-3110 for more details or to obtain a registration packet.
What are the hours of the program?
Our Am program begins at 6:30AM at each school-site and runs until the start of school. Our PM program starts after school and closes at 6:00PM.
Do I have to sign up for every day?
No way! The Club offers 3-day and 5-day rates. You may sign up for just AM care or PM care or both, depending on your need.
What does the program cost?
Prices vary depending on the amount of care needed. Rates start at just $58/week. Financial assistance through Care For Kids is available. We will assist you with the Care For Kids application process.